Join our movement! Help restore forests and build an off-grid Climate Hub, complete with a school, tree nursery, solar energy, and rainwater water systems supporting 500 people on Njao Islet, Pemba.


We’ve done it before in Kokota – with your help, we can do it again! 


Climate Solidarity


Eleven years ago, we teamed up with Pemban communities and young Canadian tree planters to launch Plant 4 Pemba, a youth-led initiative to help at-risk islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago restore their lost forests. This year, we are joining arms with another small islet community in Pemba - Njao islet.

With your help, Njao will be able to store the water from the monsoon rains, collect energy from the sun, and support their children to grow and learn. Once they have water, we can start a community tree nursery and bring climate-smart agroforestry and permaculture training to Njao - improving incomes, climate resilience, and food security. Help us water this precious seed and watch something beautiful grow.





As you read this, community members in Njao are working hard to transport water and building materials to their remote island on small wooden boats. The community is building their first school! A place where children can learn and families can access clean drinking water and solar energy - none of which currently exists on the Island. They are moving quickly - and as usual, we’re racing to keep up. Help us match that enthusiasm and support this community to make it all happen!




Our Tree Planting Roots


Community Forests International was founded by four young Canadian tree-planters in 2008, and through the Plant 4 Pemba campaign, hundreds of tree planters continue to help drive reforestation and climate adaptation efforts in Pemba. Every spring, tree planters from across Canada come together to plant trees and donate their earnings to projects in Pemba, in an act of solidarity with people halfway around the world who are dealing with the impacts of climate change every day. We know that empowered people around the world can spark large-scale change and create solutions to the toughest challenge of our time. Plant 4 Pemba is proof of that. Check out what the movement has achieved by watching the short documentary about our work on National Geographic!

Special thanks to our founding sponsor Brinkman Reforestation who helps coordinate Plant 4 Pemba, and all of our Tree Planting Ambassadors who lead this effort in their tree planting camps!


We Need Action


There is something we can all do right now to contribute to a better future for all life on this planet. Plant 4 Pemba is a great way to take concrete climate action and contribute in solidarity with vulnerable communities. Here are three simple ways to get involved:

1. Speak to others about the climate crisis! Every voice is important if we're going to turn the tide.

2. Plant a tree in solidarity with people around the world.  We need trees more than ever!

              3. Contribute to help this vulnerable Island community and grow something remarkable!


Today, as the climate crisis deepens, we all need to take concrete actions to fight against climate change. It’s our responsibility as stewards of this incredible planet not only push for big political reforms to avoid worst-case scenarios but to act urgently NOW by rolling up our sleeves and working together to adapt. Together we can change the world!




*Forests Intl. is a registered charity. All donations of $25 or more automatically receive a tax-deductible charitable receipt.


Thank you!


A big thanks to all the tree planters and supporters that make our work possible. 

Tuko pamoja - we are together!


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