Canada, the second largest forest on Earth

By Daimen Hardie, Executive Director, Posted on July 3, 2019

Just a few days ago we achieved a major victory here. We saved a very special old forest, one of the last of its kind in Canada and a place we?ve been fighting tirelessly for these past 10 months.

We did it to help save the climate. Because forests are the most powerful carbon-capture structures on the planet and we?re in the eleventh hour now. But it?s not too late. According to the world?s most-cited scientific journal, natural climate solutions like forests could make the repairs we need this decade to avoid climate breakdown. [1]?The forest can protect us, if we protect it.

Half of Canada?s vast landscape is naturally forested?- almost 5 million square kilometers – so you can think of our country as the second largest forest on Earth. Today this forest that we dwell in and that our towns and cities are surrounded by could be one of the most important solutions to climate change that exists.

That?s our vision ? for Canada?s forests to be restored as a global climate safeguard

That?s our vision – for Canada?s forests to be restored as a global climate safeguard – and saving another small part of it this month got us one step closer to our vision. It also moved the world just a hair back from disaster, and we?ll fight for every fraction of a degree and every extra second now?because it all makes a difference now.

Just ask our friends on the Zanzibar islands. It?s one of the most heavily impacted regions in the world and our team there does such incredible work everyday strengthening their communities against rising seas, increasingly erratic rainfall, and an uncertain future.

They?re bringing back lost forests, building systems to harvest and store rainwater, and creating businesses that restore the land. In one of the poorest regions per capita?with the sea now literally rising up all around?people are responding with positive action and hope.

This is an important message that I want us all to hear right now -?always fight for a better world, no matter what, because it?s always possible.

Please do what you can and please consider helping our friends in Zanzibar?invest?in strengthening their island communities against accelerating climate change, while we do everything in our power back here to turn the tide. We’re in this together and the answers are all around us -?now it’s about moving the world together.

In solidarity,

– Daimen


[1]?Natural Climate Solutions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) October 31, 2017 114 (44) 11645-11650.