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How do we educate and innovate for the future?

Traditional land-use education was apprentice based. If your parents farmed, you learned to farm. If your father worked in the woods, you learned how to cut down trees. So how can we support the next generation of stewards and back-to-the-landers?

Community Forests International believes in alternative education, open source information sharing and rural networks. Since 2009 the organization has delivered 48 workshops and has hosted over 500 participants. CFI provides farmer apprenticeship programs for individuals interested in growing organic food and allows future forest stewards to learn the ropes directly from seasoned horse loggers. Beyond the organization’s summer workshops series and hands-on educational opportunities, CFI believes in the network of people that come to learn and share.

Community Forests International’s educational model puts people first. Everyone at our workshops is both a teacher and a student. Our lead instructors and participants work collectively to deliver a project, develop a demonstration site or solve a problem. CFI education is a beginning not an end. Future land stewards leave a CFI forestry workshop with the confidence to use a chainsaw and a framework for learning from the forest. Permaculture enthusiasts leave our workshops with practical skills and a new way to look at their own properties or projects. Timber framers leave having built their first structure - ready to begin their second. Seeing is believing – once true change is demonstrated inspired individuals can make it their own.