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How can Canadians offset carbon and fight climate change?

Climate change is the greatest challenge to ever face the planet. Climate change threatens clear air, water, the food we eat and the land that we live on. Climate change threatens forests ecosystems, wildlife and our oceans. So what can we do?

In the long run we have to change. We know that the large volume of carbon humans have been releasing into the atmosphere is causing climate change. We have to transform the way we consume, how we live and how we travel in order to drastically reduce our emissions.  That’s no small feat; turning the tide of humanity will take time. So what can leaders do today to immediately combat climate change? Is it possible to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and counterbalance today’s unavoidable emissions while we transition to a low-carbon future?

Community Forests International has been working to pair the activities that produce carbon with those that store it. We’ve pioneered new partnerships between urban businesses and rural land stewards that creatively address unavoidable emissions – turning problems into opportunities.

In 2010, Community Forests International partnered with DIALOG, a Canadian architecture and engineering firm. DIALOG wished to take full responsibility for its environmental impact and set and example for positive change. After first reducing its carbon emissions as much as possible, DIALOG collaborated with CFI to save an at-risk forest capable of storing the remaining unavoidable amount produced by its operations. This unique approach built a living footprint for DIALOG, maintaining a forest that could sequester carbon and counterbalance the organization’s activities.

By saving a forest, DIALOG not only achieves carbon neutrality but also supports a forest restoration process in rural New Brunswick that contributes to healthier forests and community. Free and Easy Traveler, a Canadian adventure travel company, has now also joined the partnership and has offset the emissions related to their team leaders travel. In collaboration with CFI, these leading businesses are acting today to combat climate change and are breaking ground for the widespread transformations that our planet needs.