Clear the Air

Buildings are responsible for 30% of our annual global greenhouse gas emissions and consume more than 40% of global energy.

Can we reshape our built environment from a state of climate destruction to one of climate repair? Can a building clear the air?

We put this question out there and solutions flowed in from around the world - a collective expression of art and innovation that explores how humans might restore climate equilibrium in the 21st century.

Will you help us build the winning design? Please share, and support our campaign to build the backwoods cabin of the future.

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058 - Yurt

Yuri Shevnin



The purpose of the construction of the house lies in the social plane - the construction of movable property worthy of our children and their parents, as well as the introduction of elements of...

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060 - Shelter two+(one)

Vladimir Sergeev



In today’s world the impact of humans on the environment can hardly be underestimated. Rising sea level, genetic manipulation, digital networks, omnipresent electromagnetic fields,...

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061 - Komorebi Hut

Marco Tanzilli & Claudia Ricciardi

Rome, Italy

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062 - Going Glean

Peter Manchester

New Brunswick, Canada


It is not intended to be a pun. It is a very effective way to save resources, help carbon...

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063 - Straw Bale Cabin

Riccardo Davide Zerbinati

Druento, Italy

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064 - House with Horns

Evgeniya Komarova

Yartsevo, Russia


My project is a house-"Terem", building a hut. The basis I took the upper part of the Russian Terem, is essentially two gable roof. To better fit into the nature of the roof should...

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065 - Be a part of the nature




Concept The aim of this draft is to develop a small-all-season shelter wich adapts itself to the surrounding nature. Two...

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066 - Nomadic Portable Pre-built Cabin (NPPC)

Shahin Ghaeli

Isfahan, Iran



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067 - Nature Within

Alexandros Kokas

Athens, Greece

This small all-season shelter attempts to break the boundaries between nature and people as well as coexists with the environment with close to zero impact on it. This approach not only takes into...

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068 - Hytta

Caroline Mellberg

Helsinki, Finland



Laurina C. Felius

Trondheim, Norway


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069 - Symbiosis

Marcos Vicente Herranz

Valladolid, Spain


The assignment of design a shelter to “clear the air” it is certainly a hard task for each modest individual without great resources or technology. That can not...

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070 - Earthbag Shelter

Ahmed Ahmed


The process of the project design consists of 5 elements which formed the cabin, openings, materials and the total idea of the project.

The 1st element is the historical inspiration of the sloped roof...

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071 - BIOarchitects

Ivan Ovchinnikov & Pavel Sedov

Moscow, Russia



Simple solutions, simple technology, simple form - the...

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072 - @ Cabin

Abdullah Mahmoud

Damascus, Syria


When I asked myself the question ‘can I build a cabin that cleans the air?’ and the answer came by searching and knowing that the cleaning process is achieved by not...

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073 - rdb

Raniero Di Bari




The design concept of the cabin is a modern reinterpretation of the typical wigwam: if the earlier wigwam was...

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074 - Whaelghinbran Nomadic Cabin II

Alex Verkhoven & Liza Bezhanyan

Chelyabinsk, Russia


A modern human is prone to be separated from nature by thick walls, fences, to create the environment suitable only for himself.  In this project, we...

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075 - Karma

Alecsander Gonçalves & Deyvison Estevan Madeira

São Paulo, Brazil



The proposed...

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076 - Ethical Box

Andrea Montelatici

Perugia, Italy

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077 - Round Straw

Reutova Yelena Vasilyevna

Belgorod, Russia


Straw is a extremely available and cheap material. The advantage of straw houses is the low cost of their construction. When building a house of straw strongly reduced the...

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078 - Backwoods Cabin

Volenyuk Yaroslav

Vienna, Austria



In the period of global industrialization it is an issue to save a nature from...

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079 - Symbiosis

Yakovyshena Kateryna

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine




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080 - Localizing Air

Joshua Collins & Robert Collins (additional design / build collaborators to be determined)

Nova Scotia, Canada

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081 - Hexagonal Hut

Golovachev Ilia

Ekaterinburg, Russia


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Sanne Janssen Groesbeek

Abcoude, Netherlands



A backwoods cabin should protect against rain, snow, sun, cold, heat or wind, making...

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083 - A Hidden Stone in the Woods

Isabel Gómez García Portfolio:ómez-garcía-a7493894

Javier Serrano Fajardo Portfolio:...

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084 - A Frame Cabin

Glenn Jeffrey & Blanca De Juan Bayarri (Faber Architecture)




The A Frame Cabin is a...

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085 - Tilted Cabin

John Marshal

New Brunswick, Canada


Based of the proportions of a traditional barn this Tilted Cabin was designed to appear as though it has been blown over by the north wind, when it has in fact been designed to...

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086 - Lodge

Goreva Aleksandra

Kirov, Russia


Creation by means of design of a shelter for a harmonious solitude of guests with the nature was the main task of a competition. The transformed design of the house of animals but...

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087 - Timber Thatch Hut

Andreas Hauthal & Arne Köller

Oldenburg, Germany


The concept of our building is simple. We designed it with renewable resources as much as possible. It looks similar to a forest from inside and outside. The...

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088 - Green-Cell

Diego Chiatante


"I have a dream that one day humanity will return to the womb of Mother Nature"

Green-Cell is a new housing concept. Green-Cell is a place where...

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089 - Embers

Milind Goel (Nonscale Co.)

Tokyo, Japan

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090 - Forest Dugout

Fomin Gleb​​​


My project of a forest hut is based on a dugout. I based my decision on four principles:


1. Exterior

The major part of the exterior intermingles with the...

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091 - Whaelghinbran HATA

Maria Vakula Kyiv, Ukraine Portfolio:

Dmytro Matviishyn Kyiv, Ukraine Portfolio: View Entry

092 - The Nest

Peter Vetter

Berlin, Germany


The Nest combines a minimalistic design with ecological building materials considering a sophisticated energy-efficent logic.

1. Design

The room arrangement is designed...

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093 - Analog Cabin

Troy Holloway

Alberta, Canada


Design Intent:

Unwired, unplugged. Thoreau’s modern Walden Cabin. Reconnection to the natural world; a deliberate disconnection from The Matrix of the digital...

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094 - Cozy Shelter

Ustyna Antoniuk, Khrystyna Teliuk, and Pavlo Krainskyi

Lviv, Ukraine



The idea of our...

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095 - Wooden Horse

Nazila Azizi & Mohammad Zahraei

Mashhad, Iran


This cabin is designed based on 5 needs and the solutions fully explained in the attached documents. But briefly, as the first main solution, we tried to use the...

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096 - Symbiotic Hut

Marulli Luca

Tokyo, Japan


The proposal has the intention to rethink the role of a cabin in the forest. Often seen as a place to arrive to, and to rest at; the cabin almost separates the man from the nature. Usually...

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097 - Forest Camp

The building draft developed from the agricultural and forest position to lead back the person again to the nature. What connects the person and the nature stronger than the tents. It promotes the social with each other and reaches back on the...

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098 - Brunswick Hickory Cabin

M. Aravinth Kumar, S. Froz, P. Mahadevan, & B. Convind Raj

Tamilnadu, India


The most crucial threat to our environment today is pollution.  Everywhere I go I can see the earth being polluted in some type of...

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099 - Mino House

Katsuya Arai


Mino House is inspired by the mino-mushi, which is a bagworm in Japanese. The mino-mushi spins a protective shell around itself to hide it from its predators and to blend into its surroundings. It can do so...

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100 - Fir Cabin

Valentina Crupi: Luca Del Fabbro Machado:  View Entry

101 - Cabin from primitive future

Tomáš Boroš (Atrium architekti)

Košice, Slovakia

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102 - Earth House

Bologea Raoul Sebastian & Perta Anita-Ioana

Timisoara, Romania



Decent housing, in its true meaning – for the ones who make use of it, as well as the people around it – is a building...

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103 - JLDG

Jonas Lauinger & Daniel Grenz

Karlsruhe, Germany


Our design is based on the thesis that a sustainable architecture is impossible to achieve under the high technological standards in industrial nations and it...

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104 - Bower Retreat

Carmine D'Alessandro & Kate Brown Massachusetts, USA


I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the...

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105 - Casa Obscura

Nikolay Kyurkchiev & Stefan Stoev

Sofia, Bulgaria


CASA OBSCURA is a small dwelling, meant to provide its inhabitants with a unique experience, all while striving to be environmentally conscious.


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106 - The Pillar

Angele Clarke & Colin Simic


A pillar for environmental sustainability nestled into the Acadian Forest

The Pillar combines comfortable interior design, with...

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107 - Natural Habitat

Artem Zanegin, Vitaliy Vaschenko, Anna Badera, & Oleg Marchenko (Essence Architects)

Odessa, Ukraine




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108 - ESSE

Ecaterina Stefanescu & Sam Eadington (Estudio ESSE)

Bucharest, Romania



We propose a lightweight shelter...

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109 - Sun Catcher

Max Rymsha

Lviv, Ukraine





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110 - Acadian Fold

Tyler Reynolds Portfolio:

Adrienne Gerrits Portfolio:

Nova Scotia, Canada

Weaving together the Acadian and...

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111 - The Sixty Degrees Cabin

Evlakhov Evgenii А.



Today, an increase in urban population and production growth causes multiple problems, such as environment pollution and disconnection from nature. The key idea of the project is...

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112 - Wooden Space

Piotr Paczkowski

Olsztyn, Poland



What counts most when it comes to a building is the immediate...

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113 - All-Season Shelter

Nadia Spencer & Olga Sidorenko

Denver, USA / Voronezh, Russia


ALL-SEASON SHELTER is a backwoods cabin for accommodation of two people in a forest near Rural Innovation Campus (Kings County, New Brunswick). The...

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114 - Mira la Luna

Sol Aasland & Rebecca Davidson (Green Building Technologies Access Center)

Applied Research and Innovation Services SAIT Polytechnic Alberta,...

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115 - Kermode

Alexander Tomasik

Maine, USA

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116 - Charred Cabin

Greg Broerman & Obinna Elechi (Bureau of Architecture and Design)

Brooklyn, New York, USA



Located in the Acadian forest,...

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117 - Vagabond

Andryunichev Grigoriy

Nizhni Novgorod, Russia


The use of straw as insulation and cane as the outer material of the roof and walls saves money in the budget and makes for a passive carbon project. A screw...

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118 - Eco Cabin

Garth Hood

New Brunswick, Canada



I am going to propose a project which will not meet some of the primary...

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119 - Cozy

Jason Orbe-Smith - Designer Los Angeles, USA Portfolio:

Guillaume Fabre - Low-Carbon Consultant Shanghai, China Portfolio: View Entry

120 - Odin Compact Cabin

Ali Ismailov

Tbilisi, Georgia


This woodland getaway will provide the essential needs only using the basic materials mostly available in many countries in a very efficient way. The placement of this building in the...

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121 - BIRDs nest

Made Gede Suryanatha IAI, Ida Bagus Sedana Yoga, Rizky Shitya Wiratama, and Yohanes Rico Janasputra (Nata Studio)

Denpasar - Bali  Provice - Indonesia

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