058 - Yurt

Yuri Shevnin



The purpose of the construction of the house lies in the social plane - the construction of movable property worthy of our children and their parents, as well as the introduction of elements of energy and food security in the territories that do not have the infrastructure.

This yurt allows you to create the conditions for the preservation and development of traditional farming with modern materials.

Factory Set (Designer) was collected on the spot and held for anywhere with an efficient use of resources.

The design provides for easy transportation and assembly without special equipment.

The price of the yurt does not exceed the value of the car.

Resiliently-flexible tube made of plastic, less impact on the environment than in the case of common conventional materials. Replacement of plastic products to other materials in most cases leads to an increase in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Carcass production technology is the production of fasteners, is produced without waste and with minimal energy consumption without welding and drilling, without noise and dust, by wire bending and thermal cutting of plastic pipes 2 m., in half.  Due to the multi-layer space frame structure ensures minimum weight and volume of materials required for transportation. Packing elements of the house is made like a matryoshka, one other material packages.

The tightness of the shell provides a fold decrease heat loss, which consequently reduces operating costs and increases the life cycle of a building. Snow load on a stand-alone house is constantly decreasing due to the possibility of the construction of the gridshell frame elastically flexible elements dampen load and shake oneself in the wind.

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