064 - House with Horns

Evgeniya Komarova

Yartsevo, Russia


My project is a house-"Terem", building a hut. The basis I took the upper part of the Russian Terem, is essentially two gable roof. To better fit into the nature of the roof should be placed on the ground, with such a small amount of construction, it must merge with the earth. In order to make the house more pristine look, I added at the end of the roof protruding horns. Gable roof system is practical in any weather conditions, convenient for construction and operation. I think this kind of home will help its inhabitants feel the power of nature.

Planking on both sides of the rafters, outside- "block house", inside the board or wall paneling, 4 inch distance.Where there is a shingle-- just outside sheathing boards.

Double glazed windows.

Inside the room two beds 36h14x 79 (height without mattress), low table and two low stools, a metal wood-burning stove.

Sorry for my English

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