066 - Nomadic Portable Pre-built Cabin (NPPC)

Shahin Ghaeli

Isfahan, Iran



For sustainable build, with low carbon dioxide footprint we must use nature for nature. Yes, nature for nature means that use natural material from site area like wood beams for structure and soil for other part. Forest soil is like heat Insulation and itʼs too useful that other expensive and Harmful to the environment like glass wool, etc. As well as use Climate Principles like wind, natural circulation and sun light to have more comfortable cabin.

  • Use of wooden beams like the main structure frame. Shape of this cabin is like a Cottage but we donʼt have any wall like cottage walls. All of this cabin is like sloping roof because of direction of sun for photovoltaic panel and hold soil into the Triangular roof frame.
  • Make photovoltaic walls in sun light direction for making electricity for cabin and make clear energy.
  • Special fixer feetʼs for Harmony with the topography with small handle to control and adjustment. With this type of foundation we can have free space under the cabin and by dry.
  • Triangular roof frame that pre built and carry to site and then we can install easily  with some Bolts and after that fill that with forest soil as a useful heat isolator from nature. It can be in harmony with the environment.

In this cabin in summer you can open top window for making air natural circulation and bring out hot air and import cool air into the cabin without of use any mechanical system. Just with air circulation. You can see some window in top of cabin that you canʼt see any where throe them, because they are using for import sun light in winter straightly. All part of this cabin design for Maximum use of natural power like sun light and low amount of heat loss.

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