069 - Symbiosis

Marcos Vicente Herranz

Valladolid, Spain


The assignment of design a shelter to “clear the air” it is certainly a hard task for each modest individual without great resources or technology. That can not be an excuse, everyone should do their best, the addition of small gestures and the involvement of disparate awareness can create a global effect, changing the world but above everything changing ourselves. This proposal does not attempt to find high innovative technologies even though we take advantage of them. It mainly expects to design a prototype of a smart cabin, using passive systems to be as self-sufficient as possible. To coexist in the environment -using the natural resources in a sustainable way and giving back some elements and work- proposing a symbiotic relation with the forest.

Symbiosis is conceived as a removable shelter, trying to minimize the impact on the ground. It is adaptable and design with local and low embodied carbon materials.

One of the main elements in the building is the roof, that contains a natural rainwater harvesting system. This water supply could be used to irrigation or other ecological labors. On lighting protection, a sliding door shutter can be used for both, safety and sunshine control. It permits to use the cabin in different seasons, making the most of the greenhouse effect or shaded interior and cross ventilation. The rear window it is also a little greenhouse. A compost box should be built near the shelter to hold the organic residues until it could be used in the vegetation.

Regarding the program, it is considered as a flexible cabin. The furniture set up along the rear wall contains a folding table and can hold all the equipment needed in the cabin. The result is an open space for a clearly use of all the objects, making the most of the interior depending on the use we need at every moment.

The stove it is also a central part of the cabin. It is located inside the furniture area, but in this case it extends a strip beside the short wall with the floor protected with bricks in order to avoid hazard, but can also be used to stock up dry firewood without harming the floor.

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