070 - Earthbag Shelter

Ahmed Ahmed


The process of the project design consists of 5 elements which formed the cabin, openings, materials and the total idea of the project.

The 1st element is the historical inspiration of the sloped roof buildings which spread out in the Kennebecasis river valley in the past looking at the historical inspiration was a very important point which played an effective role in thinking in the design form.

The 2nd element was the site views. It was a very important part in the design process. Looking at the site and the available views which were represented in the young orchard and farm fields opened the door to orientate the main large window to the view to provide an enjoyment and comfort for the people who will live in the cabin.

The 3rd element was the openings. The strategy in forming the openings is inspired from the nature of the site. In the south there is a perfect view so the main window is put towards the south with a large area to provide a fantastic view to watch. The second part is the roof window which aims at making communication with the sky and the tall trees which are about 16 - 18 m in height to make the inside in a great deal with the outside to blur the borders between the cabin and the nature.

The 4th element was a challenge, the greatest challenge. It was the materials selection. Thinking in the difficulty in reaching the building site by cars was an obstacle so thinking in local materials of the site was the best way to avoid transportation of materials so using earthbags to construct the cabin looked like a suitable material which needs simple tools, techniques, cheap material prices and at the same time it is a sustainable material which emits low carbon quantities to the air and also provides perfect insulation which is wanted in summer months to protect from the high temperature and also in the winter to save the internal heat from escaping to the outside.

The 5th element was the interior design of the cabin itself. Looking at the small area wanted, thinking of the interior design of the cabin was a very important stage to make the best use of every square inch in the area, so depending on the multi-usage furniture types was a good solution to make flexibility in the usage of the space.  The cabin can be used as a place for ( sleeping of 2 persons , food place for 4 persons , sitting place for 4 persons ) in a total area of 12.64 square meters.

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