071 - BIOarchitects

Ivan Ovchinnikov & Pavel Sedov

Moscow, Russia



Simple solutions, simple technology, simple form - the basic principles that we have laid in the project, whose task is to cause minimum harm to the environment and to create an atmosphere of maximum unity of man and nature.

We are not limited to the creation of a single project , and offer a series of concept and construction of the hut of any size.

We propose to create a forest hut on the principle of modular prefab frame, combining simple constructive solutions traditional technology, clear form and a modern approach to the organization of production.

The main construction material - pine tree, or any other specific wood of the area. All parts and trim frame standardized in size and can be made out of the board received in a particular region or country. Standardization helps maximize the use of material without waste. Finished parts are up to 3 meters and is easily transported to the site. We also offer to make all the details in the comfortable workspace - it will reduce the time and human resources, as well as reduce the damage from the construction on the site. This means, with minimal damage to the environment, we can asemble the house of ready-made parts in just a few days on the site. And in the case of installation next to the road, can be installed completely finished house with the help of a crane.

The architecture of the hut is a simple gable volume, traditional for the entire planet. Due to the small height of the house it doesnt dominate the surroundings. Glass with mirror effect reflects the environment, and at the same time visually unites internal and external space. The man inside the hut stops feeling walls around, and starts feeling his involvement in the environment and the responsibility for it. We do not want to alter the forest, our task - a delicately complement and highlight its beauty!

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