072 - @ Cabin

Abdullah Mahmoud

Damascus, Syria


When I asked myself the question ‘can I build a cabin that cleans the air?’ and the answer came by searching and knowing that the cleaning process is achieved by not consuming any energy source. The design process went through several stages from creating to roofs to separate the moist and humidity of the snow from the residential zone to advanced methods to minimize the need to energy. The project combines the landscape and site with the design and uses it as an advantage. The skylight collects solar energy and stores it as a thermal block ‘trombe wall’ which the design also has on the south elevation because it’s the side that have direct sun exposure. The entrance is located on the west side which has two in a row doors to preform two actions, first as an energy container and second as an insulation space. The hole design is able to score 17.4 degree C on the coldest nights of the year ’27 Jan’ without any heat source beside the sun. All of these factors with the insulated walls come together to deliver @ cabin project.

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