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The design concept of the cabin is a modern reinterpretation of the typical wigwam: if the earlier wigwam was built on a circle plan, in this project we have substituted the circle with an equally simple base form like the square form, and the easy dome form for the elevation with a simple one pitch roof.

The choice of the squared forms is based on the intent of saving money: with these squared forms the construction can be all made with flat panel and straight structure elements.

Construction materials are mostly wooden; the walls and the roof are wooden with insulation panel inside.

In order to reinterpret the dome elevation, two of the elevation walls are sloped walls, while the other two are perfectly vertical walls. All the windows are sliding windows, so these can be installed and opened without difficulty on the sloped walls.

To heat the little cabin there is a little wood stove: the little wood stove requires no batteries, solar or power cords: it costs nothing to run because it creates its own electricity from the heat of the stove.

Electric system of the cabin is composed by one photovoltaic panel (230W, 12V) and a battery for using electrical current after sunset.
After sunset lighting is ensured by six 12V led lamp (four pending from the ceiling, two at the side of the bed) and two USB socket (no data, only electrical current) for smarthphone or tablet charging. With this minimal system, the maximum electrical absorption is about 40 W.

To have passive cooling, especially for the night, there are four holes in the floor and two holes on the upper side of the walls, so hot air, that generally goes high, goes out through the upper holes, while cold air goes in through the lower holes.

The lower and the upper holes for summer passive cooling are covered by mosquito net. Lower holes are insulated with wooden trapdoors, upper holes are two little sliding windows.

Dimensions in drawings are in meters.

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