074 - Whaelghinbran Nomadic Cabin II

Alex Verkhoven & Liza Bezhanyan

Chelyabinsk, Russia


A modern human is prone to be separated from nature by thick walls, fences, to create the environment suitable only for himself.  In this project, we tried to create conditions for people, where they can feel as if they are in nature and at home at the same time.  Minimal modern comfort and the illusion of a human to be under the open sky are embodied in the design of the modern cabin.

The main idea of the project is the introduction of a piece of nature into the interior.  This piece has become the forest that transmits light.  The modern styling of the forest can be observed in the biggest wall of our cabin.  It transmits light, like a part of forest, and its facing also looks like a forest.  In the exterior, it also plays the role of a full merger with the environment.  This wall is a kind of a conductor between man and nature.  As if a continuation of the forest, it is in the interior and becomes a part of it.

The night outdoors is an open sky.  Therefore, we cannot deprive a person of this.  Through the window on the roof it is always possible to observe the night sky.  The cozy little interior lets people have a good time at the small stove with a cup of coffee or have dinner. There are also two beds, two chairs, a table and small shelves for different needs

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