075 - Karma

Alecsander Gonçalves & Deyvison Estevan Madeira

São Paulo, Brazil



The proposed design is a fusion of philosophy and history allied to the technique to help find different angles and respond to the problematic the most properly as possible.

Based in the karma philosophy, the design project should look forward to the future since his form until his materials and construction systems.

The cabin’s form was inspired by wigwam structures and built from materials founded in abundance on the site. The height of cabin creates a air gap to protect and reduce heat gain in the summer and in the winter avoid the snow accumulation over the cabin.

The hexagonal shape and openings also make possible to adapt the cabin to any site condition by adjust to solar or wind orientation just by rotation them. The building is naturally ventilated through the main door and windows disposed to allow air cross conduction.

The selected materials to built the cabin are straw and wood because of the versatile who allow us to apply them in more them one way and have at same time the lowest impact on environment and also a cheaper price. The structure is made up of timber frames, and after mounted are filled with straw wheat bales to provide insulation. A wood pile foundation support the timber frame structure and works as a root merging the building to the site.

The exterior cover is a clapboard siding to give protection to the elements against the climate conditions. The skylight on the top is made of glass and provide natural light for most part of the day reducing the energy cost to illuminate the cabin.

The fusion of all those factor results in a integrated, substantial and straight forward project who offer a approach experience between the users, the local past cultures and the environment as a whole.

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