085 - Tilted Cabin

John Marshal

New Brunswick, Canada


Based of the proportions of a traditional barn this Tilted Cabin was designed to appear as though it has been blown over by the north wind, when it has in fact been designed to deflect the north wind up and over its structure.

With exposed internal and external structure the building makes an effort to exhibit everything by showing exactly how it's pieced together. As a portal frame construction the exterior members have been designed to be easily replaced if ever needed without affecting the overall structure of the cabin, increasing the potential operational life of the structure.

With a cozy sleeping loft above leaving the entire main floor open for relaxing or ample floor space to stretch out and do yoga after a hard day. The cabin has been fit with a storage bench along the north wall with a top that can open up becoming level creating ample counter space to prepare food to take to the cook house. This cabin has also been fit with a small corner desk that aligns with the counter giving you even more counter space. The corner desk also comes out to be transformed, becoming a dinning table that fits between the two built-in benches to accommodate a table for six. The table is also further adjustable, able to be lowered into place locking in between the two built in benches becoming an additional twin bed allowing the cabin to easily sleep 3 people without requiring anyone to sleep on the hard floor. The storage bench along the north wall has been designed as a storage bench with one compartment set as a wood box for the wood stove and two additional compartments that can be used as storage lockers to keep personal items safe while working off site for the day.

The east and west facades are fit with a louver system to allow for cross ventilation in the summer while also letting in additional sun light, or easily closed in the case of a winter storm to act as a set of dormers breaking the wind. A clerestory window wraps around the building on all four walls providing an abundance of natural daylight keeping the cabin well lit throughout the day. However with the 25 degree tilt towards the south the cabin never receives any direct mid-day sun keeping it cool in the summer months. Combining this with the operable louvers on the east and west walls to provide natural cross ventilation in order to keep the cabin extremely comfortable during the hot summer months.

The Tilted Cabin acts as a direct response to its situated environment providing a beautiful and functional space to occupants keeping them sheltered after a day in the woods.

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