086 - Lodge

Goreva Aleksandra

Kirov, Russia


Creation by means of design of a shelter for a harmonious solitude of guests with the nature was the main task of a competition. The transformed design of the house of animals but more adapted for people became the general concept of the project.

The beavers' homes, which are called lodges, became a source of inspiration. The beaver is one of national symbols of Canada. Beavers always try to make the housing strong, warm and reliable. These are created from severed branches and mud. Inside put herbs and wood chips for heat.

At the beginning, the typical form a lodges, which was cone-shaped and wrong has been analysed. For example, lodge from North side more flat, than from southern. Then the received stylized form needs to be adapted for people and as at beavers to make a sleeping zone highest. In a cabin, it is placed, as well as in a lodge, "one room for all occasions". Internal space – light, with two benches, which can be used as beds; a folding table with chairs and the wood stove – the main center of a cabin.

Benches are located at two levels so that the person could reach easily the upper bench and look out of the window. On the lower bench of people can look at furnace fire. Under this bench, there is an open niche for storage of things or firewood. And other big place for storage of things is located over an entrance that things visually did not disturb. It is possible to reach there on a ladder, which serves also as a rack for clothes.

Have been used in creation of a cabin of technology of energy-saving construction - the passive house. For example, use of solar energy thanks to orientation of the building to the south.

The stylized lodge is made of a wooden framework, sheathed by an old board outside and white plywood inside. As well as at beavers, trunks of trees have been used as a basis of the house to which the cabin’ framework is attached. Heat insulation from the pressed straw. The base from bored piles, because he idle time in installation, cheap and eco-friendly. All framework, covering and furniture one can to make of the local or again used materials for more eco-friendly and budgetary construction of a cabin.

The cabin created for a solitude with the nature has to allow guests not only enjoy a landscape, but also to retire sometimes from him and to make household affairs. Arrangement of shelves for a sleeping zone and windows give such chance to the person. Irregular shape of a cabin allows to increase square room for more comfortable accommodation of people. She has to give rest and immunity to guests and to help them to interact with the nature by help of visual, tactile and kinaesthetic perception of the world.

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