095 - Wooden Horse

Nazila Azizi & Mohammad Zahraei

Mashhad, Iran


This cabin is designed based on 5 needs and the solutions fully explained in the attached documents. But briefly, as the first main solution, we tried to use the maximum potential of different kind of woods. Teak wood has high natural oils and for this climate is a good Eco solution for exterior walls and roof. It's also easy to work. Cypress is light and bright and resistant for interior walls and floor. And white pine is the best for building structure.

  • Walls and roof are filled with recycled loose cellulose to be carbonless, insulated and affordable at the same time. Some other organic carbonless materials are also used.
  • The next main idea is the floor heating system, which uses heat from flue gases produced by the woodstove circulated via pressure differentials produced by an in-line fan.
  • The 3rd solution is the little balcony for a safe and free space to rest in nature and enjoy fresh air.
  • The 4th solution is the opening and its materials which provide views while facilitating energy generation as well.
  • The last solution is the folding table between the beds which can be used as a meal table or for any other activity and which is flexible so that it can be closed to make a double bed for couples.

We tried to answer the climate, behavior, ecological, economic, beauty and comfort essentials in this eco cabin.

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