096 - Symbiotic Hut

Marulli Luca

Tokyo, Japan


The proposal has the intention to rethink the role of a cabin in the forest. Often seen as a place to arrive to, and to rest at; the cabin almost separates the man from the nature. Usually a simple window, or a view out is the only connection existing. The Symbiotic Hut tries to implement all the wasted relational potential that can occur between man and forest. We can touch, we can smell, we can expose ourselves to the elements; moreover, there are ways to really create a symbiosis between the way we live, and the physicality of this dynamic environment. In fact, the forest is a place of integration, observation, contemplation and discovery. To truly enjoy the variables of this powerful realm, its secret fauna, and its ever-changing flora. The first element implemented to reconnect man and nature is the use of locally sourced earth as insulation. The sleeping zone is covered by local earth, trying to give the cabin back to forest, and the forest back to the man. By resting within the very bed of this environment it is may be possible to deepen the connection between our everyday actions and the concreteness of the forest. To continue, the cabin is also composed by a permeable part. An engineered gabion wall is transformed into an open box, offering views out, allowing the summer breeze to come into the cabin, while filtering heavy rain and snow. A fire place rests here to reinforce activities in between the building and the forest. Within a space that belongs to either of them, and yet is among both.

The final element does not bear any specific function. Is adaptable to what people seek: an observatory hut, a meditating room, a relaxing space. Its geometry thrust vertically as to mark its presence; it captures the warm east and south light and allows a view down the valley. A slightly south sloped roof maximize solar gain for the usage of solar panels. The geometry of the cabin and the usage of materials try to suggest a new way of sustainable stay in the forest. Architecture is here becoming the connecting bridge to a more symbiotic experience between the man and the forest.

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