097 - Forest Camp

The building draft developed from the agricultural and forest position to lead back the person again to the nature. What connects the person and the nature stronger than the tents. It promotes the social with each other and reaches back on the modesty.

The tent receives the typical form of a three-sided prism. Because the side parts are closed, this offers security. The front and back site are built with glass elements and connect the nature with the interior and see nice views in the nature. The entrance area contain a prezone allowed a roofed seat possibility.

The back of the cabin is aimed to north-east. Thus one catches the first sunrays in the morning which wake you up softly. The entrance side is aimed in the direction of southwest, one receives after done work still enough light in the evening to enjoy a great view about trees and fields.

The lodging was sketched after the Cradle to Cradle principle and the choice of the materials stands before. There were new challenges because of the low budget by which constant originated for and again and decisions had to be dripped. Because the tent will used all the year, if a stable and long-lasting wooden construction is preferred here. Wood is covered by regional wooden works and is decreased by short routes of transport of the CO 2 emission. These are pretreated with wooden glazes on rosin base to protect them against fungous infestation and the weather.

The interior and the pieces of furniture are likewise developed in pine not to lose the relation to the environment. The cabin receives 2 installation beds, table and seat possibilities, a wooden stove and enough shelf for clothes and personal objects.

Wooden fiber were covered as an insulating material select and on the regional level.

The insulation prevents stamping out the wamth and prevents the entry of the heat in summer. The prezone in the entrance area serves not only as a rain but also as a solar protection. The surrounding conifers take over the biggest part of the protection, it protect against heat by her branches. The glass doors take over the winds of the cabin in front and back to reach such a passage.

A long-lasting and stable aluminum metal protects against weather.

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