101 - Cabin from primitive future

Tomáš Boroš (Atrium architekti)

Košice, Slovakia



We live in a world where ecological concepts are often connected to very sophisticticated hi-tech technologies. Designing this cabin we tried to learn from wisdom of history with the aim to use it in different contexts. We thought that connection between humans and nature could be strengthened. In this case we blurred the border between humans and nature, between exterior and interior. Our concept is so simple that you can describe it in one sentence. A simple wooden prism covered by straw stands on wooden feet and is sheltered by a big tent roof. This simple cabin offers enormous possibilities and wealth. Thinking about our cabin users, we realized that people in the forest need interior as well as sheltered exterior. They need space, where they could dry their sweaty clothes in sunny summer, chop the wood in snowy winter, rest in a hammock during a rainy fall or sleep outside with friends during a fresh spring night.

A small living space with two lounge chairs provides room to relax with a guest and enjoy the views and the fire. A small table with two chairs can be used for light meals or as a workspace. Chairs can be moved out to the big deck and they can also be used as bedside tables. It is eventually possible to add a bunk bed and photovoltaic pannel on a roof.

We chose wood and straw as the main constructing material. These are materials with a low carbon footprint. It is extremely simple and cheap to build a cabin. Three men with average building skills can manage it.

What we learnt from our ancestors:

  1. If we coat the legs of our cabin with a vaseline, small rodents such as mice, rats, hamsters... wouldn’t be able to enter the house
  2. If we coat straw with a pine layer it would become a fireproof insulation
  3. The fact that a cabin is bulit on legs provide simple access to the cabin entrance even if it is surrounded by deep snow
  4. If the overhang of the roof is big enough, straw doesn’t need to be fixed with any other material.
  5. A sheltered exterior is the key thing in the cabin.
  6. Dividing a waterproof layer from an insulation creates better space for life and a space for relaxing in warm summer days.

Main advantages of our cabin:

-  Natural connection to nature

-  Enough exterior surfaces

-  Simplicity in building

-  Connection between historical and contemporary architecture

-  The form of the cabin is easily remembered (iconic)

The Cabin from primitive future is a place where the users explore a refreshing outlook on the surrounding environment while also strengthening their own personal bond with nature.

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