102 - Earth House

Bologea Raoul Sebastian & Perta Anita-Ioana

Timisoara, Romania



Decent housing, in its true meaning – for the ones who make use of it, as well as the people around it – is a building made out of natural materials. Such natural materials do not have any CO2 emissions and are very cheap, therefore resulting in a building with a low budget that can offer a healthy environment. The house made by us has a simple, basic shape, but stands out by how the natural construction materials are used.

The house covers 16.5 square meters of ground, while the inside part that requires heating is only 8.28 square meters, which makes very compact and efficient from a climate point of view, since very little heat is lost. This, again, is due to the construction materials intended for the building: the structure is entirely comprised of wood set on a stone foundation; between the wooden girders that make up the structure, we used blocks of hay, which is very efficient from a thermal point of view. The outside is covered in a layer of clay - approximately 4 centimeters thick - that protects the thermal layer (the hay) from moisture and also helps the house “breathe”. This kind of layering helps the house retain heat during winter and cool down during summer. The roof is also made from natural materials. It is covered by a layer of hay approximately 10 centimeters thick that protects the structure from rain and also provides thermal isolation. The material between the girders that make up the roof is also hay. Inside the building, the finish is made of OSB, painted white on the walls and inside of the roof. The materials are left in their original form on the floors and on the terrace.

The inside furniture is to be created, not purchased: the table, the bed and the bed’s storage box are made from OSB, and the chairs are simply tree stumps. The interior also contains some birch tree stumps to differentiate from the access area and the actual living area. These birch stumps are also used for creating a compartment for firewood, right near the stove used for heating. The small heating stove represents the only element in this building that is made of metal and can easily heat it, due to the small dimensions of the house and its thermal isolation.

Therefore, the building we designed is a compact, cheap and efficient one that can satisfy – due to its ecological materials and simple shape – the need of passers-by as well as its inhabitants. They can enjoy the beautiful scenery, even from the comfort of a hammock on the terrace of this home.

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