103 - JLDG

Jonas Lauinger & Daniel Grenz

Karlsruhe, Germany


Our design is based on the thesis that a sustainable architecture is impossible to achieve under the high technological standards in industrial nations and it becomes a research on the meaning of the wall in this debate. Originally just a shelter from the nature outside, the wall became a high-tech machine which contains all the functions responsible for the room climate.

We refuse this dream of a sustainable architecture, created by using a maximum amount of technology because of its high CO2 consumption during production and its low durability. Instead we propose a concept of climate zones which develops the inner spaces in dependence from their constructing wall.

The three zones are the result of three different interpretations of the wall and contain their own functions - depending on the time of the year at which they’re used. The smallest and innermost space is the core for sleeping which - due to its small size - needs only a small amount of energy to be heated up. At the same time the usage of a classical heat insulation gets avoided.

Through the coverage of the wooden-frame walls with a golden rescue foil the warm air is able to stay in the room, while the unique reflection of light creates a changeable aesthetic and atmosphere. By putting the bed and the racks into the door construction we allow the core space to be used as a room for living during the day and for sleeping during the night.

Especially in the winter months this core space can be connected to the next layer by rotating the round and movable wooden walls to one place, while at the same time the heated core warms up the now connected inner two zones.

The third zone can be used especially during the summer. It is denoted by a textile curtain and a row of shingle covered frames which protect the inner spaces from unwanted weather conditions. Both the curtain and the frames can be opened during the summer to expand the inner two zones. The small core space expands through this sequence of layers and becomes part of a light- ooded stage for the functions of daily life within the nature.

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