111 - The Sixty Degrees Cabin

Evlakhov Evgenii А.



Today, an increase in urban population and production growth causes multiple problems, such as environment pollution and disconnection from nature. The key idea of the project is becoming as close to nature as possible. The 60 degrees Cabin has a tree-like shape, which allows integrating the house nicely in the environment. Moreover, due to the steep-slope roof the snow is removed easily.

Site plan

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. To transform solar energy into electric current we will need rooftop photovoltaics. This, in turn, effects the house's placement in the territory. By placing the house exactly on the line of latitude we prevent the light from spreading on the north side of the land. To avoid this, we are placing the house on 30° latitude.

Space and design layout

The house is a triangle prism split into 3 parts: entrance, working space and sleeping space. The entrance consists of a porch with a canopy formed to recess in the wall. At the entrance there is a wood-burning stove. The working space is located in the center of the house. To enlarge and illuminate the space, triangle windows are set in the central part. Deep inside the house, 2 beds are located. Due to modular structures the house can be enlarged by adding various functional components.

Structures and materials

The basic structural elements are triangle arches made of laminated wood. The frame between two arches is made of wooden beams filled with natural heat retainer (linen, hemp or wool). Foundations of the arches are fixed into metal boots which are welded to anchor bars. The anchor is forced into the ground for thrust absorption. To protect the inner space of the house from atmospheric action the roof is made of small wooden plates (shingle – old roofing material). The west-oriented facade is protected from the summer sunshine by the shutter blind system. To reduce negative impact on the environment the project uses local building materials.

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