113 - All-Season Shelter

Nadia Spencer & Olga Sidorenko

Denver, USA / Voronezh, Russia


ALL-SEASON SHELTER is a backwoods cabin for accommodation of two people in a forest near Rural Innovation Campus (Kings County, New Brunswick). The cabin was placed on a slope facing south west for natural light utilization and solar heat gain for passive heating purposes.

Create simple shaped small structure, use local building materials, sustainability and a low cost - all of these factors were a driver for design approach. 6 degree roof slope takes care of snow loads and allows mounted solar panels to capture sun light and storage it for the energy for guest's needs. Local wood is used for structure and finishes. No heavy equipment is needed for supplies transportation.

The interior replicates the same types of materials that are used outside: stained pine flooring and white surfaces. The cabin has two sleeping places with storage underneath each bed, two small tables/desks and more storage, two custom storage units and wood stove. A big central window allows beautiful views during the day and night time.

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