119 - Cozy

Jason Orbe-Smith - Designer
Los Angeles, USA

Guillaume Fabre - Low-Carbon Consultant
Shanghai, China


Cozy is a friendly, fluffy and modern all-natural backwoods cabin.

Resting in the forest of New Brunswick, Cozy is a contemporary interpretation of the local Acadian vernacular. Built almost exclusively of earth, wood and straw, Cozy recalls the timber framing and cob earth walls of the region’s traditional buildings. These natural materials root the cabin within its environment.

Cozy minimizes embodied carbon and energy by building with simple, local and sustainably sourced all-natural materials. Nearly the entire cabin is made of low-carbon materials and the whole building can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

The primary space is a comfortable area for two people, enclosed with an earth wall. Like a winter coat, a thick thatched exterior wraps the core to create a resilient, insulating skin that keeps the interior snug and warm.

Cozy focuses on being all-natural, adaptable, easy to build and connected to nature. Cozy without carbon.

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