120 - Odin Compact Cabin

Ali Ismailov

Tbilisi, Georgia


This woodland getaway will provide the essential needs only using the basic materials mostly available in many countries in a very efficient way. The placement of this building in the forest blends in the environment, without leaving any footprint by foundation jacks. This cabin can be used to comfort their residents establishing a relationship with the surrounding environment thanks to the proximity with the forest.

Double sliding glass doors and another upper window open the space further to the outside on the main wall adjacent to the deck to have a perception of the surroundings.

The Odin Compact cabin is made from 2 layers of plywood joined by a wooden structure filled with insulation batts to regulate the temperature during the winter and the summer, and the specially placed windows regulate fresh air from both sides of the building, and are covered by Wood slats running vertically across the framing.

From the back, this cabin looks like a large wooden block that amidst a heavily forested background. With its single sloped roof it aims to be simplistic and easily achievable.

This building attempted to design a retreat for two people, for a week to a month duration, and aims to accommodate the user in a way that keeps them in touch with nature.

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