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Our forests can protect us, if we protect them. Donate today to protect endangered forests and to support the communities that depend upon them.

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Together with dedicated landowners, we have conserved more than 1,000 acres of forest in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

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Acadian Forest Restoration

Tree Planting Done Right

Tree planting is one of the most effective solutions we have to mitigate climate change. We work in the Canadian Maritime Provinces to transform deforested land into thriving forests permanently returned to the natural ecosystem. In New Brunswick specifically, we have planted more than 500,000 native trees and restored 700 acres of land. Within 10-15 years, newly restored forests begin to draw a significant amount of carbon out of the atmosphere, a process that increases as trees are allowed to mature.

Protect and Restore

Planting trees is just the start. With your support, the trees we plant today will grow into resilient forests that support people and the planet.

Why New Brunswick? According to data collected by the Conference Board of Canada, New Brunswick has the country’s highest forest use intensity, removing forests from the landscape faster than they can be replaced. In the last 25 years, 36% of New Brunswick forest has been cut, which is more than three times Canada’s average. To regrow these clear-cut forests for improved climate change resilience and mitigation, Community Forests International plants a diversity of climate-change resilient, native species on degraded lands. We develop long-term stewardship plans for the reforested lands and conduct outreach activities to increase public awareness of the need to restore forested landscapes.

How It Works

We work with a partner organization, Community Forests Canada (CFC) on all of our tree planting projects. Community Forests International staff founded this for-profit business on the side when the organization was just starting out. CFC continues to offer tree-planting, landscaping and trail building services across the Canadian Maritimes.

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Eli and Daimen examine planting plans.