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Our forests can protect us, if we protect them. Donate today to protect endangered forests and to support the communities that depend upon them.

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Together with dedicated landowners, we have conserved more than 1,000 acres of forest in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

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Why Forests?

When forests thrive, our climate repairs.

We believe people can be the restorative force our planet needs. That’s why we work with the people most connected to forests to plant trees and protect important ecosystems—creating lasting impacts on the landscape that are inspired by the needs of the local communities that depend upon them.

It’s time to act. This year we have an ambitious goal to protect 5,000 acres of healthy remaining forests and plant 1 million trees to restore forests for future generations, but we need your help!



2.5 million trees and counting. In Zanzibar, planting trees is not just about restoring lost forests—it’s also about growing food, creating livelihood opportunities, and strengthening communities against climate change. From diverse spice forests full of fragrant edibles, to the undulating canopy of coastal mangrove forests, we work alongside more than 30 communities to restore these critical natural systems.

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Two young women plant tree seedlings on degraded land on Pemba Island.


Help protect what we have before its too late. In Canada, intensive cutting of our forests is a contributor to Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Together, we can grow diverse, healthy forests that support the economies and livelihoods of rural communities. The forests we conserve and restore today will act as deepening carbon sinks with countless co-benefits—a legacy we can be proud to leave to future generations.


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Protect and Restore Forests Today

Planting trees is just the start. With your support, the trees we plant today will grow into resilient forests that support people and the planet.

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Our Goals in 2020

We can't do it without you! Help us reach these targets by supporting Community Forests International today.

  • 5,000

    Acres of forest

    Protecting and restoring forests for climate security.

  • 1mil


    40 different native species planted for people and planet.

  • 3,000


    Growing jobs and livelihood opportunities for rural communities.