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Stories from the Wabanaki-Acadian Forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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What We Do

Enabling communities and forests to thrive together

Community Forests International works in Canada and Zanzibar to help protect and restore forests, support communities adapt to climate change, build economic prosperity, and champion social equality. Community Forests International is committed more than ever to centring not only forests but also climate justice in our vision, mission, and actions — understanding that by acting with justice people will be the restorative force that the world needs.

We know that fostering strong relationships between people and forests is critical for a safe future. Our solutions always benefit both forests and the people directly connected to them. Community Forests International believes the most important climate solutions can be found wherever people live and work closely with forests.

Where We Come From

Community Forests International was created in 2006 when Mbarouk Mussa Omar, a community activist on Pemba Island, Zanzibar, befriended a Canadian tree-planter travelling in the region. Their vision to bring back the region’s forests and help communities adapt to climate change sparked an island-wide movement based on respect, trust and friendship that continues to this day. The success of these grassroots efforts inspired Community Forests International to open an office in New Brunswick in 2010 and continue our mission to support community-led climate solutions across the Maritimes.

Our Story
Daimen Hardie sits at the bottom of a tree with CFP's Executive Director.

Where We Work

We know that fostering strong relationships between people and forests is critical to ensuring a climate-secure future whether on the islands of Zanzibar, the coast of Mozambique, or the Canadian Maritimes. While the special regions we work in are home to different ecosystems and unique challenges, our solutions always benefit both forests and the people directly connected to them.

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Women smile at the camera as they raise their watering cans in the air.

Benefitting People and Planet

From restoring degraded lands for immediate environmental and economic benefits, protecting forests for long-term ecosystem and livelihood benefits, to supporting climate-adaptive practices, markets, and innovations intended to enhance livelihoods in the face of climate change the solutions we help build centre long-term environmental and community resilience. We employ a people-based approach that enables rural communities most directly connected to forests to adapt and thrive alongside their surrounding forest ecosystems.

A woman looks up at the forest canopy

Climate Justice

The effects of the climate crisis are being felt earlier and more rapidly than expected but not equally by all people or communities. Working to rebalance the scales of injustice and dismantling the underlying inequalities in our society is critical to strengthening our ability to collectively respond and adapt to the climate crisis over the next decade and century. We are committed to challenging all forms of oppression in the movement for climate justice.

Annual Reports

Browse our annual reports to learn about the meaningful impact of our work over the past ten years and the proven pathways to resilience that are increasingly needed in so many at-risk communities at the center stage of climate impacts today.

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A man walks in an agroforest in Zanzibar.

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Our Impact

For over 10 years we have been empowering rural communities to thrive with forests. Check out some of our impact to date:

  • 62K

    Direct Beneficiaries

    Co-creating solutions for people and the planet.

  • 2,702

    Acres Protected

    Protecting endangered Wabanaki orests by holding them in trust.

  • 3.2M

    Trees Planted

    Planting back lost forests for future generations.

  • 375

    Acres of Agroforest

    Supporting climate-smart innovation.