Can we get back to the land in the 21st century?

Whaelghinbran Farm - South Branch, New Brunswick

Work for yourself.  Buy land.  Take over the family farm or woodlot.  If you don’t believe in the future you see right now in the Maritmes, do something about it.  Don’t leave, stay.  If you left, come back.  Build a better future for yourself here, start a business and work with local supply chains and local entrepreneurs like yourself.   If you don’t believe in how business is conducted today, do it better and make that your advantage.  Make social impacts with your business.   Share your experiences widely.  We can make a living that way now, we have a network that spans the whole earth and is accessible even from the most deeply rooted rural life.  If you’re a city slicker, Sackville is pretty nice too – just kidding. 

The way we live on the land here in the Maritmes now, the way we treat our forests and our water and our communities, will determine our future.

If you already know this and are walking the talk, we call you the ‘walkers’.  If you are so full of energy and excitement about your future life as a farmer, or an innovator, or a founder of a flourishing social enterprise, we call you the ‘new entrants’.  Keep working for change, the Maritmes needs you today more than ever.

Please share your story, or a story of a person, organization, or group working in the Martimes that you believe in.  Please share your story in the comments or through our platform for sharing innovation.

Working woodlot owners from throughout the Maritimes, the Acadian Forest Keepers - Whaelghinbran Farm, South Branch, N.B.

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