Can we hack bicycles to build better machines?

THE BICYCLE is a 100+ year-old technology – and maybe the best we’ve got.  It's a combination of several basic mechanisms, known by Renaissance scientists as “simple machines”, including levers, wheels and axles, inclined planes, and pulleys.  Its an elegant and unrivaled compound machine; and anyone can understand its workings intuitively, just by looking at it.


To this day, a bicycle is also the most energy efficient transportation that exists – its 97% efficient! Compare that to a car, at around 20%.  So why limit bicycle technology to human transportation?  Can other machines work like bicycles?  Can we hack bicycle technology to build better machines?


Tell us about your bicycle hacking dreams, adventures, and inspirations – we want to know how bicycles can save the world one machine at time.



Need some inspiration?  Check this out from Farm Hack.

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