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Our forests can protect us, if we protect them. Become a donor today to protect endangered forests and to support the communities that depend upon them.

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5KM Challenge

On Sunday, March 21st, run, walk, ski, or sled to help protect the special Acadian Forest!

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Climate Adaptive Livelihoods

Empowering rural communities

Community Forests International creates solutions for the climate, forests, and rural communities. We know that some of our biggest challenges are also opportunities for growth. Community Forests International promotes climate-smart rural development, implementing projects that introduce, support, and commercialize appropriate technological innovations intended to enhance livelihoods in the face of climate change.

Gender Equality

The effects of climate change severely exacerbate the challenges women face as primary providers of household needs. In Tanzania, women are often responsible for providing food, water, and energy to households in rural areas and are more dependent on natural resources than men due to unequal access to assets and income.

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Kitchen Gardens

These intensive kitchen gardens provide families with an immediate source of nutritious crops. Our talented team on Pemba Island provides training and support to women to build kitchen gardens, helping them growing a variety of fruits and vegetables to feed their families and sell at market.

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