To what matters and finding solutions.

How Change Begins

Empowered Pembans make their own change.

Community Forests International incubates ideas and the innovation grows. Several individuals working together can change a landscape....

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Come Help Us!

Free Lunch too! What: Brook rehabilitation, silt fence installation, and tree planting. At Whaelghinbran Farm we are working to continue the model of not only sustainable land...

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kubadalisha mawazo

kubadalisha mawazo: Swahili, to put your mind in someone else's head. To share minds and change each other.

Jeff used this word during a brainstorming session the...

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Pemba Adapts

Climate change is here. In response, Pembans are working to innovate how they live and work in order to cope as the world changes around them. So here it is, a list of new and...

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Meet Our New Staff!

Madeleine Smith - CFI's Summer Student Event Coordinator

Madeleine is from Brampton, Ontario and just recently finished her studies in International Development at the...

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