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Plant for Pemba

The story of how a few hundred Canadian tree planters have helped Pemban's transform their landscape.

Community Forests International was born in a tree planting camp. 6...

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Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity - Moncton, N.B May 16th - 10am Hall's Creek Marsh Revitalization

We need your help! We are helping to restore an old gravel pit into a marsh...

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# 14 Vote Everyday

Each purchase we make (or don’t make) impacts our world in a very tangible way. So let's get behind good things! Food is a great example. Local organic farmers have...

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# 13 Appropriate Technology

For technology to impact the lives of everyone on our planet, it needs to fit well within the economic, social and environmental landscapes of the people who use it. True...

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# 12 Come Together

People all around the world are making positive changes in their communities; from standing up against injustice in the Middle East, to offering free after-school musical...

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