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#10 Biodiversity is Key

The changes we are experiencing in our weather patterns and climate are already stressing both human and non-human systems. To prepare for further changes, we must encourage...

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# 9 Low Carbon Diet

Our industrial food system is responsible for a tremendous amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe). Consider the synthetic nitrogen fertilizers applied to crops, the oil and...

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# 8 Grow Your Own

Grow your own food. Trust us, this will improve your quality of life to no end. We can’t all be farmers, but we can spare a few hours a week caring for a small kitchen...

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# 7 Garbage is Gold

We live in a world filled with stuff. One of the most important (and radical) things you can do is reuse and repurpose what many would call junk. Some of the most elegant and...

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#4 Growing Tomorrow

Planting a tree is one of the most important and symbolic acts we can do. Not only does it filter our air and sequester greenhouse gas emissions, but it lives on beyond our...

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#3 Follow Nature

Over the month of December we'll be sharing some of the lessons we've learned over the years. Here's the third lesson.

We have learned over the years to...

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#2 Transistion Towns

Over the month of December we're sharing some of the lessons we've learned over the years. Here's the 2nd lesson learned.

Communities all across the globe...

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Whaelghinbran Farm Update

On May 31st, Community Forests International purchased 580 acres of endangered forest in rural New Brunswick. This property also came with a certified organic farm and a rich...

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A Growing Movement

At CFI we often get asked to travel to new regions of the globe in order to help rural communities grow and plant trees as we’ve done in Pemba, Tanzania. Our work in...

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Farmer's Feast - SOLD OUT

WHAELGHINBRAN FARM & COMMUNITY FORESTS INTERNATIONAL will be hosting  a FARMER’S FEAST fundraiser dinner at the School House, 10 School Lane, Middle Sackville,...

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