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Timber Framing: Sold-out!

CFI is pleased to announce that the Timber Framing workshop has been sold-out!  Thank you all for your interest. Everyone here is looking forward to the course. Due to the...

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August in Sackville

Considering the weather we've been having, this summer has been all about maximizing the few sunny day's we've been afforded. We're trying to make it easy for...

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News Blast!

Despite the wet weather in Sackville on Saturday, volunteers came out to help launch our Global Tree-Planting campaign. After a short demonstration at Sackville's Community...

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Home Again

After a long and exciting winter in Pemba CIDA/ACIC Intern Brennan Daly is back on the east coast of Canada. With all of his experiences in mind Brennan will rejoin the CFI...

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