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New Nurseries Set Up

New nurseries were set up this fall in Kwale, Kilindi School, Shumba-Mjini and Furaha bringing the project total to 13 communities. Mbarouk Mussa Omar of Community Forests...

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Macphail Woods Visit

Gavin and Daimen Hardie and Jeff Schnurr of CFI visited Macphail Woods in PEI to stock up on plants for the native plants portion of their Community Forest Garden. Gary...

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Planting in Mwambe

The shehia (village) of Mwambe began planting as the short monsoon season (masika) commenced in order to give the trees the rainfall necessary to survive. Next season,...

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Planting in Vitongoji

The planting site in Vitongoji holds some of the best soil on Pemba Island, which may account for the rapid growth last year’s trees have undergone since planting last...

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Planting at Tundaua

Tundaua is a village on the island’s south west corner, apparently holding large deposits of natural gas discovered by the British during their period of...

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Tundaua Nursery Visit

A member of Community Forests International visits Tundaua with the Misali Island Conservation Association (MICA) in order to see another nursery set up with funds rasied...

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