To what matters and finding solutions.

Luke Patterson - Donor

Luke is no stranger to CFI. A veteran tree planter of 8 years, Luke planted trees alongside CFI’s founders when the organization was still just an idea. He continues to...

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Kevin Pauley – Family

When Kevin isn't at sea working as a marine biologist, he is back in rural New Brunswick working away on all manner of interesting things. I caught up with CFI's...

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Glen Estill - Mentor

Renewable energy developer and founder of Sky Generation Inc, Glen brings a great perspective to CFI. Here is a little part of what he had to say about his CFI experience so...

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An Organization as People

This holiday season, CFI is exploring the people that make our organization great. From founding members to new recruits – from mentors to interns. Each one of these...

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Our supporters

Thanks to our supporters   

Over the past year we’ve notice something special about our donors.

Our donors don’t give to us because...

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We did it!

We’ve hit our campaign target of raising $30,000!

We have reached our Sharing Innovation campaign goal of $30,000 so will receive the maximum EU funding and be able to...

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As the Planet Changes

Imagine if the solution to climate change came from the people that need it the most?

Community Forests International has sparked a wave of innovation. Pembans across the...

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This is My Forest

People are the engines of global change.

Community leaders bring change into their villages and inspire the whole community. Chema Juma wakes up in the morning and cooks...

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How Innovation Spreads

An idea becomes reality.

As that idea passes from village to village it is adapted to meet the unique needs of the place. Community Forests International and their community...

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Beyond Planting Trees

Tree planting is an act for the future, an act of stewardship that transcends the present.

In order to plant a tree for the future, we must secure the now. In 2011 Community...

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A Forest Emerges

1,000,000 Pemban Trees can’t be wrong.

Communities have changed their landscape, signaling the power of a good idea and the willingness to work for what you believe in....

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How Change Begins

Empowered Pembans make their own change.

Community Forests International incubates ideas and the innovation grows. Several individuals working together can change a landscape....

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Come Help Us!

Free Lunch too! What: Brook rehabilitation, silt fence installation, and tree planting. At Whaelghinbran Farm we are working to continue the model of not only sustainable land...

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kubadalisha mawazo

kubadalisha mawazo: Swahili, to put your mind in someone else's head. To share minds and change each other.

Jeff used this word during a brainstorming session the...

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