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What do you see when you think of conservation?

When most people think ‘conservation’ they picture pristine landscapes; nature in prime health, unchanging and...

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More Forests

The diverse team at Forests Intl. shares one thing in common . . .

We care about forests and the people connected to them. This concern pushes us to constantly look for new...

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Pound4Pemba 2016

Every year I travel to remote tree planting camps to update Canadian tree planters on our work and plant trees alongside them to help communities plant trees in Pemba. Every...

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We cannot do it alone.


Community Forests International depends on the support of our partners. These leaders in sustainability have worked in...

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Pound for Pemba 2015!

Tree planting is no easy job. In fact, I can think of few jobs that demand so much physical and mental exertion.

The typical day for a planter begins around 5 to 5:30...

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