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Pound for Pemba 2015!

Tree planting is no easy job. In fact, I can think of few jobs that demand so much physical and mental exertion.

The typical day for a planter begins around 5 to 5:30...

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#9 - Water Harvesting

Innovation isn’t easy, and it’s important to share the failures along with the successes. One of our greatest accomplishments to date, the rainwater harvesting...

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#6 - Solar Microgrid

Over 40 million Tanzanians are cut off from grid power. But this big problem presents an equally huge opportunity – an opportunity for rural Tanzanian communities to...

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#5 - Growing Abundance

What do you get when you cross a forest with a farm? We asked some Pemban farmers to explore this question with us 2 years ago, and began a participatory experiment in...

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#3 - Ecology is Economy

Tree planting is where it all began for CFI and still forms the backbone of our work.  Since 2008, we have helped Pembans plant over 1 million trees!  We are...

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#1 - Green Cooking Fuel

We all need energy, and in the face of climate change what the world needs most is clean energy. Traditionally, over 90% of Pemba’s energy comes from wood and charcoal...

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Where Trails and Ideas Meet

Last Tuesday, members of CFP and CFI including Executive Directors Mbarouk Mussa Omar and Jeff Schnurr were warmly welcomed by community members of Perth-Andover in western New...

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#CFIconnect brought together community leaders from across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with our Tanzanian partners last week in an effort to strengthen collaboration among...

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Good help is on its way

Land rich and cash poor.  Is there any better way to sum up the dilemma facing so many of our rural communities?  For us New Brunswickers, rural economics are...

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