#1 - Green Cooking Fuel

by Community Forests International on December 16, 2014

We all need energy, and in the face of climate change what the world needs most is clean energy. Traditionally, over 90% of Pemba’s energy comes from wood and charcoal used for cooking – but that’s beginning to change. At the Rural Innovation Campus, Pembans have piloted a low-tech process developed by the Legacy Foundation to turn waste materials like leaves, sawdust, and used sugar cane into ‘green cooking fuel’. The technology reduces pressure on both precious forests and the climate, while offering a new income opportunity for ‘green cooking fuel’ entrepreneurs. Now we’re hiring these entrepreneurs as teachers to spread the technology across the island. The future of Pemba’s cooking is green – the future of energy is clean!

To learn more, and support this energy solution please visit our Scaling Innovation Indiegogo.

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