# 13 Appropriate Technology

by Community Forests International on December 30, 2012

For technology to impact the lives of everyone on our planet, it needs to fit well within the economic, social and environmental landscapes of the people who use it. True appropriate technologies are so well suited for their purpose that they revolutionize the way we do things; providing essential services, while being affordable and easy to maintain. In Pemba, we have employed the Legacy Foundation's elegant 'ratchet press' to create a charcoal-substitute for home cooking applications, helping reduce the amount of trees cut for fuel wood. With some slight modifications, we have also been able to use the press for an entirely new purpose; making 100% recycled seedling containers. Each briquette and seedling container is made from different mixtures of excess organic material like kitchen scraps, leaves and paper. Best of all, Its simple design can be made on the spot with local wood in a few hours. For a taste of what is possible, check out this awesome TED talk.

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