#3 Follow Nature

by Community Forests International on December 8, 2012

Over the month of December we'll be sharing some of the lessons we've learned over the years. Here's the third lesson.

We have learned over the years to look to nature for guidance in the things we do.  A good example of this is our Food Forest Garden. By taking nature's lead, we have been able to grow a tremendous diversity of food, from elderberry to fiddleheads, from sage to apple trees, all while creating a diverse range of habitat and opportunities for creatures large and small. Our edible food forest has allowed us to strike a balance between growing useful native plants and creating a healthy diverse ecosystem. Unlike traditional gardens that need to be tended regularly and replanted each year, the food forest is full of long-lived perennial plants that require less human effort and inputs to produce food. Check out CFI’s Native Plant Directory for a detailed look at some of what we grow in our Food Forest Garden.

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