#4 - Better Homes, Block by Block

by Community Forests International on December 22, 2014

Every now and again an invention comes along that is both rooted in tradition and revolutionary. Pembans have piloted a new approach to DIY home construction that's turning traditional materials into modern 'green' building components - Interlocking Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks (ISCEBs). Compressed Earth Blocks are made with a hand-operated press using the abundant material underfoot - earth! 

The ingredients in earth blocks are actually very similar to those used in traditional wattle & daub construction – clay & sand with a bit of lime for stabilization. By converting these natural materials into interlocking building blocks the process allows for fast construction and gorgeous architecture. It also reduces reliance on destructive open-pit coral quarries and imported cement. Optional hollow channels running through the blocks even provide passive cooling - built in air conditioning!

Join us as we revolutionize building in Pemba. We’re providing earth block equipment and training to 100 lead women and farmers so that Pembans can build the green architecture of the future from the ground up!  Learn more here.

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