#5 - Growing Abundance

by Community Forests International on December 24, 2014

What do you get when you cross a forest with a farm? We asked some Pemban farmers to explore this question with us 2 years ago, and began a participatory experiment in agroforestry that has quickly grown beyond our expectations. What we’ve learned is that carefully selected trees planted in and around crops adds the sort of diversity and health to a farm that you usually only find in a forest – growing abundance! Our initial trial plots have quickly ballooned to over 30 hectares as neighboring farmers imitate our approach. Now our goal is to work with these rural farmers to convert another 75 hectares of degraded land in Pemba to thriving agroforestry, proving that you can in fact have your conservation and eat it too!

Join us as we work with Pembans to define the future of food production – forests that grow food, and farms that grow forests.  To learn more and to support, please visit Scaling Innovation.

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