#6 - Solar Microgrid

by Community Forests International on December 26, 2014

Over 40 million Tanzanians are cut off from grid power. But this big problem presents an equally huge opportunity – an opportunity for rural Tanzanian communities to leap-frog convention into a decentralized, renewable energy future. Enter the ‘Solar Microgrid’, an innovation in energy delivery being piloted by Pembans which allows communities to share clean power without expensive grid infrastructure. The microgrid revolves around a community-owned solar energy hub where families bring small household motorcycle batteries to charge. The charged batteries are then returned home, plugged into household services, and used to power lights and outlets. A small fee for service allows the community to pay for the operation and upkeep of their microgrid collectively. It’s power that’s green, affordable, and truly decentralized. 

There is a common theme in the rise of renewable energy all around the world – it’s putting power in the hands of the people. Learn more about our plans to scale up community-based renewable energy throughout Pemba and help bring this innovation to the next level here.

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