#7 - Permaculture Home Gardens

by Community Forests International on December 29, 2014

Growing your own food is great, but how much can you actually produce in a home garden? We like to think that the only limit is in the mind of the designer.  2 years ago our Agricultural Officer, Siti Makame, became the first Pemban certified in Permaculture design. Siti has been sharing her new knowledge ever since, helping Pembans create home gardens that work like nature and grow evermore productive. As these home gardens mature, they promise to transform entire neighbourhoods into lush 'food forests' – building truly green (and edible) communities!

Siti now aims to provide 200 women with Permaculture home garden training over the next 5 years.  To help her grow this movement from the grassroots up, please support our Indiegogo campaign here.  Every donation will be matched until Jan. 11th!

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