#9 - Water Harvesting

by Community Forests International on January 3, 2015

Innovation isn’t easy, and it’s important to share the failures along with the successes. One of our greatest accomplishments to date, the rainwater harvesting cistern on Kokota islet, recently sprung a leak and drained to 20% of its storage capacity. Challenges like this are not uncommon in our line of work, but this one left the community back where it started 2 years ago - traveling by sailboat daily to fetch water. 

Harvesting the rain changed everything for Kokota. It took a tremendous pressure off the people and freed-up their time to fish, farm and go to school. They built this cistern with their own hands and they’re not about to give up on it – and we’re not about to give up on Kokota. The challenge now is that the community can’t afford to make the necessary repairs. Help us kick 2015 off on the right foot and join us as we raise funds to repair Kokota’s community cistern.

As always, we are learning alongside our Pemban counterparts. This experience will allow us to design better cisterns in the future as we help 9 additional communities throughout Pemba and it’s surrounding islets harvest rainwater over the next five years. Kokota took a risk to carve a path forward for all people struggling with water scarcity. Now it’s time to show our solidarity and to support this inspiring community as it continues to set an example of hard-won change and innovation. 

To learn more and to lend your support, please visit our Indiegogo.

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