A Forest Emerges

by Community Forests International on October 5, 2013

1,000,000 Pemban Trees can’t be wrong.

Communities have changed their landscape, signaling the power of a good idea and the willingness to work for what you believe in. Pembans have worked together to plant over a million trees since 2007 and it shows. Once-degraded lands now team with wildlife, diversity and environmental health. Several of the villages have seen birds and butterflies within their forests that haven’t been sighted in generations. The forests are here to stay. Even the villages that initially wanted to plant trees for timber have opted to leave their forests for the shade and wildlife habitat they provide. Community Forests International now works with over 30 different types of trees, from food trees like mango, lemon, limes and papaya to trees for building houses and boats including black mahogany, moringa, acacia and teak. Over 1800 Pembans participate in Community Forests International’s tree-planting movement, demonstrating the power of our planet’s rural communities and their ability to make global change. “We have planted these trees because we want to help our families. To provide incomes and food but we have planted also because we want our children to know these trees" - Fatma Rashid Seif, community member and tree planter, Pujini, Tanzania. Please support us as we work to share the hard work of Pembans with the world.

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